Posted by: angelaflynn | October 16, 2008

It’s Time

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who spend most of their time observing the world?   I’ve always felt like that that person.  Ever since I can remember I seemed to be watching the world more than I was participating in it.  I’ve noticed how many humans seem to put no more, and maybe even less, thought into their actions than the other animals I have observed.  I and many others seem to be reactionary rather than basing their actions on what they have observed in the past and what they think may occur in the future.  At least this is how I imagine they are.  What I have seen are people who are willing to believe whatever a person of authority tells them.  People who bark when barked at.  I know it is idealistic to think that we could all take a step back from the precipice of extinction that we stand on, take a deep breath, and then think of ways to live that would enhance life for humans.  I know it is idealistic, but I think it is time we give it a try.